Guided cultural tours to Bhutan, Cambodia, Laos, Argentina, and Mexico.

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Champaca Journeys are best described as cultural tours. We interact with local people, see historic, modern and natural sites, have guides that are well versed with all aspects of what we encounter. We enjoy local flavor, yet do not sacrifice comfort or safely bhutan group photoin order to do so. Our group size is always 6-10 people and this provides versatility so that we may find ourselves visiting the workplace or dining at the home of local residents.

We travel in a small vehicle that allows for stops as we wish, and permits us to lodge in some of the small yet comfortable hotels that would not accommodate larger groups. Along the way we are warmly greeted by staff and hotel and restaurants owners who fondly remember previous Champaca journeyers.

Each journey is well organized to make best use of time in a given locale. The days are full, but never hectic, nor rigid. While there is a well choreographed plan, we have built enough flexibility into the program so that we can embrace spontaneity if the situation warrants.

bhutan homeSome mornings and many afternoons or evenings permit solo or group exploration. We want to leave you feeling you are exploring a new country at your leisure, and we have developed from repeated visits a good sense of how much time to budget for a given site. We pay attention to detail to ensure that your journey with us is relaxed, comfortable, rewarding and memorable.

The remarkable Himalayan kingdom of BHUTAN is the mainstay destination of Champaca Journeys. Scheduled visits to Bhutan occur each spring and fall, the ideal times to visit. Additional visits are sometimes scheduled during winter, and custom tailored tours can be arranged at any time during the year. All Bhutan tours are guided by one of the most experienced guides in the country, Dorji Khandu, who has extraordinary amounts of information and personality and a network of contacts that extends throughout Bhutan.

Other important ChampacaJourney destinations include Cambodia, Laos, Argentina, and Mexico. There is at least one trip per year to each of these destinations. Other destinations are always under consideration, and custom trips to these and other countries are always possible. In each area we work with English speaking licensed local guides who are informed and passionate about theircountry. We invite you to join us and experience a new country through the eyes of a local.

"Bhutan is an amazing country and I feel fortunate to have had the privilege of exploring it with John and Dorji who love the country and want to share its treasures with others."

- Jay Schnyder

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